Tuesday Beach & sun

Up not so early today and after an nice breakfast of cold meats and bread. I was keen to try out my new costume. Time to hit the beach!

Pereybere has a great beach, we look a long walk from our spot along the beach. Looking at the reef with all the volcanic rock with the locals fishing gives you a perspective of what is important in life. Always take time to smell the “seabreeze” life passes by too quick. Spending the morning snorkeling and floating in the water both of us got a bit sunburned. I was under the umbrella with my hat on & I still got burnt. Andre has leather skin i think, he’s not so bad. And before you ask….. YES, we had on sunblock!

Homeward bounds or a bit of lunch then it was off to the spa. Full body massages for 90 min, BLISS!!!!!!!

Short walk home for a dip in our jacuzzi pool again with a rum & juice for drinks. Dinner was cold meats & salad. Tomorrow we are off to Ill de Gabriel for the day on the catamaran. Snorkling paradise!


Honeymoon in Mauritius day 1 – 3

Leaving JHB on an early flight we landed in a very rainy Mauritius. It was a 1:30 drive from the airport to our spot in the North. Staying at Cape Bay Appartments just after the town of Pereybere. Settling in on the first night booking our trips for the week and getting some food, we were off to bed at long last.

Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast and decided to venture out into the land to explore a bit. In true Wissler style ……… We walked!!! The humidity of 99% & 34 degrees, the heat was taking its toll on us and we were looking for a pit stop for a nice cold beer. We found a delightful restaurant that serves ice cold beers and fantastic food called the Palm Beach Bar in Pereybere. We have pre booked lobster for dinner there on Wednesday night for our anniversary. Looking forward to that one!

Taking a further stroll we ended up taki a taxi into Grand Bay and had a look around at the local markets. Walking up the sides streets that are very narrow with all the little shops that were open & were very eagerly usharing you into this spot to show you all their wonderful Mauritian goods to take home.

We had a good look around and after what seemed hours we were on the hunt again for another cold drink, the heat!!!!!

Walking past what seemed to be a great stop with free wifi, we sat down to discover that it was in fact “The Spur” go figure!!!! The staff were friendly and offered a few tips on where to go and what to do. On Sunday’s everything is at a stand still so decided to walk back to Pereybere & then caught a Taxi from there to the apartment. We walked a total of about 10KM.

Relaxing In our own little jacuzzi pool that’s luke warm and having a sundowner was wonderful. We even got DSTV on demand to work on the iPad. Totally happy.

Tuesday we decided we need to get to the mall to get some food, so it was off to Grand Bay to the new mall called La Croisette. Looked like we had arrive in Cape Town, LOL. The mall resembled something like the waterfront but without the water.

I decided I needed a new costume and a dress, Andre need a new costume too. Spending the good part of the morning getting some supplies we headed back to the apartment to drop it off. Venturing out and about is our thing ………… “Wonder what’s up the road from us ? Let’s go take a look”. A hotel with spa called Coin de Attitude. We had a nice vanilla rum while we checked out the place. There are lots of French holiday makers there laying around the pool, playing games or just plain relaxing. I must say I am glad we are in a more private environment and that we can get to make our own food from time to time. It was way too crowded for me. We booked our spa treatment for Tuesday afternoon. We went home and cooked a roast chicken & a big salad with it. Chilled by the apartment pool for a bit then relaxed at home.