Memphis 4 Elvis!

The King of Rock and Roll



We have had 2 days of driving about and it was too short for me to do the bloging and the internet was not so good.

We arrived just outside Memphis to a beautiful guest house and conference centre. True to our nature, Mami and I spotted the German shepherd and the rest was not important. We got of the car and went straight over to play and love the 9 month old boy. Very Very cute!

We checked in and we had a nice glass of wine and aimed to relax, this was short lived as we met a very nice couple that told us that at big storm was coming and it wasn’t going to be pleasant. So what we had planned for the night we had to change and to do dinner close by. We got to the resturant and the food was fantastic! Way too much of course, true to the USA way. When we decided to leave the heavens opened and it was flooding like mad. We took a very slow drive home to the hotel and went to bed.

Up early and met the owners of  Bonne Terre and gave them the Mandela coin that we have ceremoniously been handing out at each place we have stayed at. She was so taken aback that she gave us a big hug! Then the trip to Graceland was on. Driving in you get to Elvis Presley Blvd. You just knew that this was going to be something to behold. We took the VIP tour and drove with the bus into the gates of Graceland. It is too beautiful and the stunning gardens! The house is exactly the same as it was before he died. Seeing the lounge, Kitchen and then the Jungle room.  Hearing how they turned the Jungle room into a recording room and Lisa Marie was sitting in the big round chair. Moving through the house we got to the rooms where they had set up the records, letters, Grammy’s, clothes just took my breath away, this was even bigger than I had imagined. There is simply too much to tell, the pictures will have to tell you that story. Walking outside again you see the garden of remembrance and this is where his Mother, Father and Elvis himself is laid to rest. There is a small plaque there too for his twin brother that died at birth.


Getting the gifts for those back home was really hard to do. Once that was done, we went into Memphis to the Hard Rock Cafe in Beale street, which is very much the same as Burbon street in New Orleans. They have a big Elvis Expo there too amongst the other stuff like Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison to name a few.

Now the long drive to Lynchburg. It was a scenic drive through Tennessee. Rolling hills (even though small) and the green lands of the country. We arrived at our new home for the next 2 says in the country side. Tomorrow it is the Jack Daniels Distillery.