Gettysburg – The battle for freedom

We arrived to a colder part of the country and  we changed time zones in Washingtong. The Old Mink Farm is in a national Park. We as the family stayed in a big log / Wood cabin in the middle of the woods. Checking in and resting for the night we had our very first braai, we so missed that !

Gettysburg is a very interesting place, the entire town is one big memorial to that terrible battle between the Confederate soldiers & the union soldiers for the freedom of the Slaves to make the USA one free country. This was of course one of many battles they had over the next 2 years afterwards.


There is the most stunning painting called the cyclorama. It was fully restored and I must say one of the most fantastic painting depicting the battle. It  was painted in the early 1800 by a french artist  Paul Philippoteaux to paint it. It is 115 meters in circumference and 13 meters high. It survived rain, fire,leaks and rot before it was restored. It is magnificent to look at!

This was one place that is so filled with history. We heard about General Lee when we went to Arlington cemetery, his house stands at Arlington and when the war broke out he had to make a choice of where he wanted to be with. He chose the Confederates and President Lincoln took his house from him. After the war, the property was turned into the Cemetery.

Our digs was in the middle of no where and in the woods. We had a very quite 2 days with wine, Braai and family time. Next stop…………Philadelphia