New Orleans Day 3

Ghosts, Spirits and History

Today is the last full day in New Orleans. After a hearty meal we had planned to drive today to the places we wanted to see. First stop, Mardi Gras World!

We got to see the floats that were used in this years Mardi Gras. Wow, wow, wow!! They are huge!! We got a brief history on how they came to be and they have been around for a very long time. The art work that goes into each piece is priceless. They have actually started the process of the new ones already for next year. All the “krews” have to wear masks as it is tradition for them to throw gifts to the people in the street. Beads, cups etc. and your not allowed to see the persons face. Very cute! It costs Millions of Dollars for all these gifts. It is called Fat Tuesday and by Ash Wednesday it is all over and Mardi Gras is done for the year. The floats have electricity and a toilet on board as you can be on it for over 8 hours a time… that could prove a bit of a problem otherwise.

We had a good giggle taking photos with the cut out figures amongst the massive figures of the floats. Boats, famous people, kiddies animated caricatures and things that go bump in the night to scare you to death.

2nd Trip – St Louis Cemetery 3. All the tombs are above ground because of the table… New Orleans is a swamp you know!


We were looking at all the old grave stones but a lot of them were badly damaged from Katina and the water level in the one building was still very clear and it was high up on the walls. Louise Glenton had asked me to go take a look at her family tomb that is buried there. It didn’t take long and we found it. The cemetery is very impressive and beautiful.

I had run out clothes and my shorts broke so we had to get some new ones for me to wear. This was a brief trip to the shops and then we came back to Masiuon Perrier to drop off the family and then Andre and I went on a Ghost tour of the city.

Well what a history lesson ! The French Quarter dates back to 1721 and has a very violent past. The French Quarter was built first and it burnt to the ground. It was re built by the Spanish in and that burnt to the ground too. The great fire was in 1788 and 1794.  During that time there were over 50 murders a night every night, yellow fever out break and the bodies were just left in the street.  The oldest building is the Old Ursuline convent which is now converted into a hotel and is considered the most haunted hotel in New Orleans. The kids of yester year still run around on the top floor,  playing pranks. There is a a civil war soldier there too that has been seen. Jackson square was the centre of it all with the town executions, hangings and torture. They would break all your limbs and cut off your feet and hands and leave you to die on a stake. The locals would take bets as to how long it would take for you to die.

Then there is a more recent horror story about Zack & Addy. He dismembered her and cooked her up before killing himself. So along with the ghosts, horror, voodoo and spells, there is so much more to offer and we just didn’t have enough time to see it all. I would so much like to go back there again.

On leaving Maison Perrier we left them with a small token from SA. Thanks to Kollie for the Mandela coins, they loved it!

We are leaving for Memphis in the morning to go to see the “King”, this is gonna be like ” I can’t help falling in love”