New Orleans Day 2

Hello Yal!!!

Well, wow!!! New Orleans is something to behold!

We started the day with a wonderful breakfast at Masion Parrier and got a taxi into town. First stop the Natchez Mississippi steam boat. Young and old, you are impressed with the flutes, the engine room and the paddle at the back of the boat. After looking around you begin to see the long line of  “ladies” that had preceded her, dating back to the 1800. This majestic wonder took us up and down the Mississippi and both Dad and Andre were in awe!

Our walk into Bourbon street was less impressive as it was dull. Andre &I decided that we need to come back later. Our walk around the sights of Jackson Square with the Jazz band playing was great. Everyone is friendly and eager to help you. We stopped for lunch at Napoleon’s which is a historic landmark. It is said that it’s name comes from the fact that the owner offered the house to Napoleon during his exile but he never took him up on the offer. We did a bit of walking in the French Quarter & then stopped for coffee and the others had some sort of sweet pastry. Not my thing at all 🙁  Christoper fell asleep and we decided to take the scenic route back. We hopped onto the tram and then the street car back home. We decided that we would split up as Andre and I wanted to go back to Bourbon street.


Bourbon street… Later… so much better, the road was alive with activity. People, strip bars, bands and much more to entice you into their pub. We went to a few and ended up having Hurricanes at Pat O Briens, well it knocks you off your feet. The mix of drunks, beggers, preachers and the rest of us… it was fantastic!

Hard Rock was fantastic, we got a few gifts while we were there too. We got a KISS t shirt for Gerda as it is her favorite band. Pat O Brien for 2 hurricane’s and they gave you a big smack on the head. The bar ceiling was covered in German traditional Beer mugs. The story is that they were bought to the pub during the 1940’s. Some of them were very beautiful. Getting our glass from the drink packed up we were on the road again.  We had a good laugh seeing all the strangely dressed people in the street. We had a nice long chat to the guys with the horse and carriage and decided it was time to come home as we were a tad drunk, he he.

Called a taxi and came home. Tomorrow we are going to see where the Mardi Grais is put together and the cemetery’s… voo doo and ghosts Woooooooo