Houston Day 3

Easter Sunday

Today was all about family. Andre was up early as usual as I am a night owl. When I came through to the kitchen, I found Mami hiding the Easter eggs in the garden for “master jnr” to find. They were lekker German kinder joy chocolates too. Not much later our little Christopher came through and the hunt for the eggs and gifts began. Little did he know that once the basket was full, we hid the same eggs all over again for him to find.

At  breakfast we had the usual family tradition of the egg bashing championship. The last man & his unbroken egg! We all lost to Dad, his egg was the one that lasted. Andre, Christopher & I  stayed at home while everyone went for a walk. Having a afternoon nap was great!!!

Whilst I was napping the boys played on the slip & slide outside as it was a nice hot day. The only other thing to do was go to Disney on ice and it seemed like out little man loved it.

Time to rest as it’s a 6 hour drive to New Orleans in the morning. I can hear the Mississippi calling!!!


Goodnite Texas…  Hello New Orleans!!!!