Houston Day 2

Houston – We have a problem!

NASA Space Centre

We are all rested and the jet lag seems to have past us by. After a nice breakfast and coffee we decided that Andre would drive us in the brand new Chrysler Mini van that seats all 7 of us. It is a really nice car!!! has all the gadgets you could wish for. USB ports all over the car for charging phones, secret compartments in the roof, and then a DVD player for the journey. Andre and Andrew got set up in the front with our trusty Tom Tom GPS and we are ready to go. We even got to watch a DVD with Christoper in the back of the car.  Traffic on route to the Space Center was hectic, people drive just as bad as they do back home. So we fitted right in , the only thing is that we drive on the other side of the road and the steering wheel is on the left side of the car. Having a nice car to drive does make a big difference.

Arriving at the NASA  Johnson Space Center you are greeted by the space shuttle, it is massive and super impressive.  It looks like they are busy renovating it. We were about to pay for our tickets when a old lady came up to me and said ” here, use these” and walked away. It was half price vouchers to get in, when I went to thank her, she was gone. Great start!!!

Walking in and seeing all the difference bits of what they use for space flight, well is bogs your mind. This was only the beginning:-)  We got straight to it and went on the Mission Control Tour. We were in for a treat! The Orion Mission control is not open to the public during the week as it is used but we got to see it today.


All the big screens and the state of the art control units on the desk. In the room next door we saw the control room for the international space station on the Screen.  The Orion space mission to Mars is in progress and they have hired new recruits that are in training right now for a year and then they go the space station for 6 months. It is a long process to become an astronaut. It will take them 6 months to get there, that’s just one way. There are other missions that they will be doing too before then.

Looking at all the rockets, control pod from Apollo and then a piece of Moon rock that we all got to touch. You can see how small you actually are to the universe. The space that they had to work in and live in was tiny, no room to move at all. You certainly cannot be claustrophobic!

We got to see the Saturn 5 rocket and this thing mas massive. The rocket launch boosters, well … I cannot begin to explain how big they were. I was blown away with the amount of technology in 1968 it took to send a person to the moon. Quite impressive! We spent over 5 hours there and we didn’t get to see everything.

Driving home in peak our traffic, Claudia, myself, Christopher, Oma and Opa were watching another DVD and we were all having  a good laugh in the car. Once we got home Andre and I went cowboy boot shopping. Off we went to Cavanders. It wasn’t an easy task as I battled to get shoes on after my failed foot operation. So cheaper boots were not an option. Well after 2 hours I managed to get a pair with some “blingy” jeans and a stunning belt. I did so want a Stetson but they were just so expensive! So I opted for a straw on instead. Still looks cool. I had to get a pair for our friend Sean Brown too… his was an easy choice, I just hope he likes them.

Dinner with the family and catching up on the days events and experiences is something that I love. Spending quality time with everyone is really something special, even if it is just folding up the clean washing before bed.

Easter Sunday, we are spending the day at home. I cannot wait, I really need the rest!