London Day 1

We got on the plane and even though it was the brand new Airbus 380 it was quite uncomfortable. The armrests don’t go up all the way and it is not easy to cuddle my hubby which I love to do. The food was a disaster… being allergic to capsicum, who would have thought they put into everything. So not the best experience. The staff however did try hard to see if they could find me foods.


Landing at Heathrow and after getting “the out laws” on to their next plane to Dusseldorf, Andre & I got onto the Heathrow express to Paddington. Now that was a nice ride. The train is very smart with lots of space and even wifi. Stopping at Paddington station so early in the morning and seeing everyone walking about with ear phones in and not looking at anyone, not even a smile was quite sad to see. I was smiling and happy to be seeing the kids later and I got some funny looks for people. Hey may be I am the funny looking one!

Coffee at Paddngton was fantastic, it was as if we hadn’t had any decent coffee for ages when in fact it was only the day before at home. We took the taxi to the hotel but was not able to check in as it was too early. Leaving all of our stuff behind… the adventure begun. I had some banking stuff to sort out and it was a breeze. Barclays in Bayswater were fantastic. Sort and done with no effort at all. Andre wanted to get a Jack Wolfskin jacket and the hunt was on for the shop. We found a shopping centre and my hubby was excited about getting the jacket. He not only got a jacket but some shoes too. Me on the other hand only got a new inner for my existing one. Gotta keep  some money for my awesome cow boots in a  few days. Did a bit of shopping for the kids and then we walked about a bit to get some exercise after the long flight. Bayswater is right next to Hyde park and across from there is Kensington Palace. Tara (my niece) and Paul ( her man) came through and we decided to got any have lunch at “little Venice”, right by Paddington station.  The burger was awesome, I was starving mind you! The long boats along the canal were lovely. We then decided to walk along the canal to Camden. Camden is where the stables use to t be in the 1800. It was an adventure of note. It was diverse and eclectic, We loved it!! The walk there we saw lots of beautiful homes. Coming back we walked through Regents Park. We were really tired but managed to find lots of British fridge magnets for the folks at home we then had a nice dinner at the local pub (best pie I have ever had!!) and came home to bed. The next day’s adventure to come. The kids have organised a hunt through London… boys against the girls starting at the Kensington Palace. This is going to be fun!