London Day 2

Sight seeing at a speed!

After a good nights sleep, Andre and I were ready to start the day with the all the kids. I haven’t seen Katherine, Teresa and Samuel for 3 years and I was so looking forward to it. In true style the kids had organised a challenge for us. We had to get around from Kensington Palace to Trafalgar Square and had so much to see and do in 3 and half hours. It was the boys against the girls. Well what a laugh!!!

We had to answer questions about each spot we went to, starting with Kensington Palace we had to get information on why it was nicknamed Aunty Heap… the challenge was on! It had to do with the Edward the 8th called it that because of all the kids spent time growing up in the palace. We dashed off and had to get a “photobomb” with a stranger. These poor tourists we chose didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing. In the end we got our picture of us jumping madly into their picture and once we explained why we were doing it, they had a huge laugh. At this stage Tara thought it was a great idea to rent bikes so that we could get the challenges done faster. After all we had to go to the champagne bar at Harrods a bit later.


Racing around the park we had to find the Peter Pan statue and count how many bunnies were on there and we got it wrong as the girls counted the squirrel as  bunny. Then after this we had to get to the Royal Albert Hall and have our picture taken and find out who was on the line up for the week. Tara then mentioned that we had to clock the bikes back in for 5 min ever 30 min. Good god! we had to race to get the bikes back to clock them in for 5 min then take them out again to get to the next spot. This went on from St James Park, the London Eye, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square and eventually to lunch.

After the tally was done with the points, the girls lost. I am sure the lads cheated though! Then all the funny things that everyone did that day came out. The one that stuck in my head was when Samuel decided to run along a small was and miss judged it and wiped out. Tumbled and splat on the floor. The lads had a good laugh.

After lunch we did a quick trip  to Summerset house and a stunning group picture taken, that’s when I realised that saying goodbye later was going to be so hard. We  went to Kingscross station to see the famous Harry Potter luggage trolley in the wall, ( 9 3/4)  and the Harry Potter shop. We took the tube back to Bayswater where we are staying to get the gifts we got for the kids. Had drinks at the local pub and before I knew it … they had to go.

big hugs and lots of kisses and I still ended up crying my eyes out. I just wish they didn’t stay so far.

I woke up this morning with a terrible runny nose from all the pollen and will need to get something to sort this out before I get on the plane. Right time to shower and pack as the taxi is fetching us soon to go to Paddington, the Heathrow express and then its off to the nice and warm… USA!!!!!