New Orleans Day 1

Waking up this morning and realising that we are on our way to New Orleans was a dream come true for both me and Andre. The trip was going to be long drive but we were both looking forward to it. Car was packed and ready to go and before we knew it… we were on the road.

Traffic was  a bit hectic but not too bad, stopping midway to fuel and have a disgusting burger at Wendy’s was not the highlight of our trip in. However, things changed quickly. The motorway is built on a swamp and it is an impressive sight to see. Long roads on concrete stands over the water, well I have never seen such a structure.

Once we got to the Mississippi river and the bridge, it was a super fantastic structure, it just took your breath away! This was in Baton Rouge. Coming into to New Orleans I have to say that I felt quite sad about what had happened here a few years back and the fact that they are still trying to rebuild the city. Lots of development and repairs happening.

This place is so steeped with history and I am bursting at the seams to learn about what she has to offer.  The River, the cemetery’s, the French quarter, the Voodoo and haunted history. How are we going to cram it all in???

Then there is Bourbon street… 🙂


Well time to sleep, tomorrow we start with the Mississippi steam boat trip…