New York – Taking in the Big Apple – Day 2

After a good nights rest, we had direction on what we wanted to do today. So it was ……………………first stop……………………boat trip up the Hudson.

The boat was full and we went off up the Hudson. Our tour guide was an ex cop retired from New York, so he knew his stuff for sure. There was a emergency rescue boat that was built from he Iron and steel from the World Trade Centre when it was cleaned up. Thinking about that day still brings tears to my eyes.

Passing area where the Titanic was supposed to dock it had made it to New York, The new World Trade Centre 1, The old port where many of the settlers came through and the housing area for those that were suspected of being sick. Further up we past Lady Liberty but we were told we would get to her on the way back.

He pointed out Wall street from the boat. The reason it is called wall street is in the days of the early dutch settlers, they built a wall to protect themselves from the wilderness and what ever lurked there. The remnants of the wall still stand there today. A bit further and the hudson makes a hook turn and during the 1800’s when there was a lot of activity in the port with sailors, there was of course the “ladies of the night”. Some worked on the port and some towards to hook on the river where the other boats docked. So this is where the name comes from…………………if you worked on the hook side , they called them the “hookers”.

Coming back towards The Statue of Liberty, Dad was so excited that he decided that he wanted and upfront and centre look at her and he went below deck to the front of the boat. Just before we got there though, he pointed out a round white building which is a maintenance building ………………….it is famous for being the Head Quarters for Men In Black.

Getting to Lady Liberty, she is a sight for sure. There are 3 of her in existence.One in the harbour of NYC, one in Paris and one in Capitol Hill. Coming  back we decided to go to the Empire Estate building.

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