New York – The city that Never Sleeps – Day 1

Driving the shortish distance from Phili to New York we were so excited about seeing the city. Before we knew it there was the skyline. I was so excited and just couldn’t wait to get into the city. Our last few days we staying in New Jersey in a place called Weehawken. We got to see the most famous skyline of New York from the street up the road from us. we took the quick stroll there and it was …………………..WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! We all stood there and couldn’t believe how stunning it was with the Hudson below.

We all got geared up to take the ferry across to NYC and we said our goodbyes to Andrew as he had to go back to work. Once on the ferry we decided that we need to get the presents buying out of the way and Andre & I had to buy a new carry on suitecase as we had bought so much stuff that we had no where to put it 🙂

Got the bus into 42nd street and 5th Avenue, first stop Macy’s. 9 stories of shop with everything you can think of. Designer wear, jewelry, sunglasses, bags etc. It was massive!!! We got our case, Mom got her stuff and we decided to see what tours we could do. By this time is was peak hour and the flood of people finishing work leaving to make there way home. We decided to go and eat and wait it out.

After dinner, we got a taxi for the others to go home and Andre & I went to explore a bit. We ended up in the Iconic Times Square. We just stood there and watched everyone and everything for  few min. I cannot explain the atmosphere, you will have to look at the pictures for that. We went into the Disney shop to get a few things and then got a taxi home.

Click here for pictures.