Houston Day 1

Yee ha baby we arrived in Texas!!!

It was a very long flight, which was much better than the Airbus. The staff were fantastic and the flight was not that full. The airport clearing was long as they didn’t have enough people to see to the passengers coming off the plane. The car hire dude decided that it was a better option to chat up the one lady instead of dealing with the long line of people waiting for car hire. After landing at 7pm we eventually got out of the airport at 23h00!!

Trying to get over the jet lag is going to take time is suppose, so this morning after waking up a few times we were eventually on our way to do some sight seeing. First stop… hardware store. People are super friendly and willing to help you along. we got what we needed and move on to the shopping mall to sort out the telephone stuff. After getting on line with the phones we were well on our way to getting connected with the world again. Not having comm’s… Facebook withdrawal!

We got some much need supplies such as wine, of course. Then Andrew decided that we needed to go to see monument of San Jacinto and the USS Texas that has seen both world wars.


Cowboy boot shopping was not so easy, goodness me did Claudia and I battle to find something! The shop called, Cavenders was so full of all types of boots that we were completely lost of what to get. So we are going to have to go back tomorrow to take 2nd look. Gee the 2 hours we had was so not enough, we didn’t even get to the Stetsons!

Our fist dinner out and we went to a nice place called the cheese cake factory, the name, you say… so not what it is all about! As they say, its all real big in Texas! We had wine and a array of different foods and we all took home a doggie bag. We didn’t even get to the cheesecake! That Andre says is for breakfast,

Tomorrow its off to the space centre… then boots shopping for me, Claudia and Sean Brown!