Tuesday Beach & sun

Up not so early today and after an nice breakfast of cold meats and bread. I was keen to try out my new costume. Time to hit the beach!

Pereybere has a great beach, we look a long walk from our spot along the beach. Looking at the reef with all the volcanic rock with the locals fishing gives you a perspective of what is important in life. Always take time to smell the “seabreeze” life passes by too quick. Spending the morning snorkeling and floating in the water both of us got a bit sunburned. I was under the umbrella with my hat on & I still got burnt. Andre has leather skin i think, he’s not so bad. And before you ask….. YES, we had on sunblock!

Homeward bounds or a bit of lunch then it was off to the spa. Full body massages for 90 min, BLISS!!!!!!!

Short walk home for a dip in our jacuzzi pool again with a rum & juice for drinks. Dinner was cold meats & salad. Tomorrow we are off to Ill de Gabriel for the day on the catamaran. Snorkling paradise!