Washington Day 1 & 2


We arrived in Washington after a long drive and it was raining a lot. We got some food at the local market and settled in for the night. We were watching TV and saw on the news that there were Tornado’s, interested, we discovered that they were in the same area that we were in the day before. We were all astounded to say the least that we missed it by 1 day. Thank goodness!!!!


The news warned that there would be flooding in Washington in the next few days and that we need to be careful of where we go. We discussed our options and decided on the Smithsonian – Air and Space museum.


The next morning, in the pouring rain we set off on our first part of our journey to see Washington. Figuring out how the underground worked was a bit of a challenge but we got there in the end. Getting to the museum with the rain still pouring we sought out the tour guide and started the highlight tour. Starting with the Voyager airplane that went around the world in 9 days, the Wrights Brothers airplane, World War 1 & 2 planes and the new modern ones. Then the space one was less impressive considering we had been to NASA in Houston. They did have the Apollo 11 Command unit there and also the Felix Baumgartner RED BULL capsule where he sky dived from the edge of space.

We spent the entire day there and there is so much that I cannot begin to tell all. You will have to look at the pictures.

Both Dad and Andre are under the weather with a bad cold so we decided to spend the day at home on Day 2. The only thing that we had to do was go and vote at the Embassy.


Washington DC is having flood warnings but this didn’t deter us from getting up, finding the Embassy on the GPS and making our way there. Walking up the road in the pouring rain full of excitement about doing our civic duty and casting our vote. We got to the embassy and they were all set up in reception and ready to go. We were greeted with a big smile and we were all excited about voting. While my husband and I were filling in our forms to vote more and more people started to make their way into the embassy. There is such a sense of patriotism, it was fantastic ! We were checked off the voting roll, had our thumb market with ink and then handed the stamped ballot sheet with 2 envelopes. I went behind the screen, cast my vote, put it into one envelope then the other and put in into the ballot box. Having pictures taken with the SA flag we got photo bombed by a fellow SA voter not wanting to miss out on the pictures. Everyone was happy about doing their duty to the country, and taking pictures to prove it.

Coming back we got soaking wet 🙁  Andrew, Claudia and Christopher went to do the Smithsonian Natural Science  Museum. Mom and I watched a movie while the boys slept. We had our usual family dinner and caught up on the day and made plans for the next day. Tomorrow the rain due to stop during the day so we are doing a Bus tour of the city.