Washington day 3 & 4

It’s was all about catch up after the first 2 days if rain. We booked the bus tour of the capital. Capital Hill was under renovations but that didn’t stop us from doing the tour. Under the rotunda which is the centre of the building is an un used grave that was supposed to be for  President Washington, after his term he went back to farming and died before the capital Hill building was completed. The senate asked the family if they could move his remains to the crypt but the refused.  The rotunda had so many beautiful paintings depicting times in history. We got to go into the old House of Representatives  and heard how the sound travels in that room.



We got. We got on the bus and went to the Jefferson mamorial, Roosevelt mamorial park, Korean  mamorial.  The Lincoln mamorial was one that I would never see and it was as impressive as it looks on TV. Sitting in that massive chair and looking down the long reflection pool and the  obelisk  called the Washington monument. At the Vietnam mamorial where we searched for Wissler, Goddard & Stone surnames.  We found several of them.

Then it was the whitehouse, Arlington cemetery, the pentagon. At the pentagon you can clearly see the section that was rebuilt because of 9/11.  Getting back to Union station we took at  at look the restoration process, there was damage to the roof because of the earth quake in 2011. Union station was built in 1905 and it a stunning structure indeed.

Packing up and leaving today we opted to go toMadam Taussauds for a bit, which was awesome. So life like!!! Wouldn’t want to be left in there at night.

Last stop was the fantastic war memorial Iwo Jima that commemorated the US marine corp.

Now we are in the national park for the next 2 days and it’s off to Gettysburg battle site tomorrow.